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The financial crash of 2008 has forever changed the job market. With staggering unemployment and widespread underemployment, there are millions of people around the world looking for a job. Despite the competition, the approach has not changed. Most applicants stick to what they know and submit their resume via corporate websites and blind emails. If this is you, STOP! There are better ways as an applicant to get noticed.

This book is based on creative strategies from real people who went from the middle of the résumé pile to the top. We break down exactly what they did and how they did it so that you can build your own strategy off their success. Use this book to remove yourself from the application pool. Now is your time to be bold.

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The Authors Who Wrote Bold

Joshua Siva

Joshua Siva


Joshua Siva is a Procurement and start-up professional from Buffalo, NY. He loves creating new things, watching college basketball (Go Pitt!), and traveling the world.


Melanie Feldman

Melanie Feldman


Melanie Feldman is a Media and start-up enthusiast from Honolulu, Hawaii (aloha!). She loves meeting new people, living in NYC, working at Undertone, and playing volleyball.


Liz Madsen

Liz Madsen


Liz Madsen is a start-up pro from Pittsburgh, PA. She loves her job at Curalate, drinking craft beers, and rooting on the Pittsburgh Penguins.



These Bold Readers Took Our Challenge. Will You?



It was two weeks before summer and I still hadn’t landed a summer internship. I had been applying for jobs for the past two months and I had no results. I was so frustrated and I just about threw in the towel to go home for the summer and work at a local restaurant. I came across an early copy of this book and I read the whole thing straight through in a few hours. I took the techniques I learned from the book, specifically connecting with your alumni network on LinkedIn and I immediately put it to use. The next week I had three phone interviews and within two weeks, I had two paid internship offers for the summer. This book truly helped me and what I learned from it was nothing I had ever been taught in school.

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A friend of mine shared this book with me and I just thought it was very inspiring. I am not at the point yet where I am ready for my job search, but I have already used a few of the techniques in preparation. I have used the tools from Robbie’s story and SEO’ed my LinkedIn profile. Scott Britton’s story was also very impressive to me. I just think what he has done so far in his life and career is very inspiring! Since reading the book I am much more aware of what to do in order to position myself for a job when I need one. Not only that, but I feel very confident with what my strategy will be. This may sound cheesy, but I am almost excited to get started.



Marissa Sauer’s story in Bold was inspiring! Like Marissa I had been using Craigslist to find work in my respective field (freelance editing/proofreading), but only in a sporadic fashion. When I read in Bold about how Marissa regularly landed jobs in her line of work via Craigslist, I was inspired to try harder at that underrated job source. I am happy to report that her method works! Bold is a must read because of her story alone.



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